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Ultimate Map Chooser 3.7.0 Update (08-14-2019)

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Ultimate Map Chooser (UMC for short) is a Sourcemod plugin that is designed to be a more complex/robust mapchooser feature for various Source-based game servers. While it has all the standard map voting items (rtv, nominate, etc.) it also has some complexity in that you can set special conditions (such as player thresholds) for certain maps, which can help introduce some maps when a server is more full or allow users to pick ones based on map prefix, gamemode, and other such things. The plugin runs off of a core module and uses several other modules to add voting features and/or advanced conditions for a map to show up in a vote for users.


Games currently supported by UMC:

  • TF2
  • ZPS (3.0.9a is the currently supported version as of 12/16/2018)
  • CS:GO
  • Insurgency
  • Nuclear Dawn
  • EmpiresMod
  • Hidden: Source
  • Neotokyo


Other games not listed here may be supported by UMC provided that they are using some of the generic cvars and methods for Source-base games (such as mp_timelimit or round_end) that the other games listed above utilize. If they do not, then it will be necessary to add in the cvars/methods used to determine round time and round wins/losses. For any issues with currently supported games come up or if there is a Source-based game that can utilize Sourcemod but is not supported by UMC, please create an issue ticket on Github.

The version of UMC found here was based on Steell's original plugin (3.4.5) and Powerlord's dev version (3.4.6-dev) of UMC. The information in this wiki will mostly be a copy of the original wiki with some updates and/or combined pages for convenience purposes.

Look below for information on each of the modules and what they do. To install/configure UMC and its associated modules, please look at this page: Installing UMC


  • UMC Core - umc-core.smx - You MUST have this plugin as it enables all the other plugin modules. UMC modules ARE NOT standalone!


  • UMC Admin Menu - umc-adminmenu.smx - Enables the admin menu under the sm_admin cvar
  • End of Map Vote - umc-endvote.smx - Necessary for creating a vote that appears at the end of a map
  • End of Map Vote Warnings - umc-endvote-warnings.smx - Warnings players when a map vote will take place at the end of a map. You MUST have umc-endvote.smx installed for this plugin to work!
  • Rock the Vote (rtv) - umc-rockthevote.smx - Required to enable UMC's rtv.
  • Map Nominations - umc-nominate.smx - Required to allow players to nominate maps
  • Random Mapcycle - umc-randomcycle.smx - Use this if you want the mapchooser to randomly choose the next map at round end.
  • Vote Commands - umc-votecommand.smx - Required to allow map voting by players. Dictates how votes should work.
  • Echo Nextmap - umc-echonextmap.smx - Echos the next map that is chosen by the mapchooser/voting.
  • Player Limits - umc-playerlimits.smx - Use this if you want to specify which maps appear in a vote based on how many players are on the server or for tiered voting.


  • Map Weighting - umc-weight.smx - Allows you to specify weight options in your mapcycle in order to control how likely maps and groups are to be randomly selected.
  • Map Rate Map-Reweighting - umc-maprate-reweight.smx - Takes the average rating for the current map from the Map Rate plugin and uses it to make maps more or less likely to be picked randomly. Requires the Map Rate plugin to be installed and active in order to work.
  • Time Limits - umc-timelimits.smx - Allows you to specify a range of time a map is available for.
  • Map Commands - umc-mapcommands.smx - Allows you to specify console commands that will be executed for maps and groups at the start of a map.
  • Player Count Monitor - umc-playercountmonitor.smx - Changes the map (or triggers a vote) if the amount of players on the server drops below or rises above the given boundaries. Boundaries can be set on a per-map basis.
  • Map Prefix Exclusion - umc-prefixexclude.smx - Allows you to specify how many previously played map prefixes to make unavailable.
  • Post-Played Exclusion - umc-postexclude.smx - Allows you to specify a period of time after a map has been played that the map is unavailable.
  • UMC Native Votes - umc-nativevotes.smx - Allows the server to utilize the built-in vote menus for certain games. Currently works for TF2 and, potentially, L4D, L4D2, and ZPS (not tested). This does not work for CS:GO.

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